What People are Saying

" … a hard working and thoughtful Bencher. He has been a strong advocate … a consistent voice for reform."

Carol Hartman

Bencher, Sudbury

Chris is a thoughtful and courageous member of our profession.  He is knowledgeable, dedicated and willing to listen.  Even lawyers who may disagree with him at times know that they can count on his integrity. He has my vote.
— NATHALIE DES ROSIERS (Dean, University of Ottawa Law School)

Chris is a hard working and thoughtful Bencher. He has been a strong advocate for greater transparency and accountability in the governance of the Law Society and a consistent voice for reform.
— CAROL HARTMAN (Bencher, Sudbury)

For close to twenty years, Chris has been a mentor and sponsor, connecting me to his network, offering advice and advocating on my behalf. He takes his role as a champion seriously because he understands the professional challenges that many women face. I am delighted to support his candidacy for Bencher.
— DEBORAH GILLIS (President and CEO, Catalyst)

A fine counsel, thoughtful and public-spirited, with a commitment to legal education. These qualities will continue to serve him well as a Bencher.
— PETER HOGG, Q.C. (Professor Emeritus, Osgoode Hall Law School)

Chris is ideally suited to be a Bencher. He has a strong practice background in both the private and public sectors. He is an extremely thoughtful lawyer who cares deeply about the issues facing the profession.
— JOHN McCAMUS (Chair, Legal Aid Ontario)

I have known and worked with Chris for many years.   He is an excellent counsel who practices law with integrity and the highest standards of professionalism.  He is ideally suited to continuing to serve our profession as a Bencher.

Chris is a dedicated and hardworking Bencher who has a deep understanding and appreciation of the Law Society’s mandate and the issues affecting lawyers and paralegals in Ontario. I fully support Chris’s re-election as a Bencher in the upcoming election.
— MICHAEL JOHNSTON Past President, CDLPA (Brockville)

Throughout my time as a bencher and Treasurer, I could always depend on Chris to bring to Convocation a pragmatic, no-nonsense but reasoned position on the issues of the day. In his role as Co-Chair of the Audit and Finance Committee, he provided sound and prudent oversight to the Law Society’s finances. He was and continues to be a strong leader in Convocation. I am pleased that he wishes to continue to serve as a bencher and I strongly support his candidacy.
— TOM CONWAY (Past Treasurer)

Chris represents one of the best and brightest of the current benchers. He has enthusiastically taken on some of the most challenging and important tasks at the Law Society. I wholeheartedly support his re-election as a bencher.
— MARK SANDLER (Bencher, Toronto)

I have had the pleasure of working with Chris in his capacity as Chair of the Audit and Finance Committee, Chair of the Bencher Working Group on Costs and on the Tribunal Committee.  He is a dedicated bencher who serves the profession with diligence and skill.  He is an excellent candidate and I am pleased to support him in the 2015 bencher election.
— JANET LEIPER (Bencher, Toronto)

I am proud once again to support Chris Bredt for Bencher. Chris brings the experience and judgment needed to navigate today's uncertainties, but also the vision to see the opportunities that lie ahead. He has demonstrated dedicated leadership, and a commitment to reform in areas of access to justice and good governance, among many others.
— LORNE SOSSIN (Dean, Osgoode Hall Law School)

Chris Bredt is a rare leader in the profession whose actions speak louder than his words, especially in the areas of pro bono and mentoring.
— ADAM DODEK (Professor, University of Ottawa Law School)

Chris has been incredibly generous with his time, constantly giving back to the legal and wider community over many years. His  pro-bono work, teaching, public speaking and active engagement with many worthy causes - some high-profile, some not - demonstrate that he is a capable and committed leader of the profession.
— ANDREW PINTO (Pinto Wray James)

Chris Bredt is committed to the rights and freedoms that anchor our democracy. He has represented the Canadian Civil Liberties Association on leading  cases. He is an excellent lawyer who gives generously of his expertise and time to causes he believes in and embodies the best of the legal profession.
— SUKANYA PILLAY (Executive Director and General Counsel Canadian Civil Liberties Association)

I have been immensely impressed with Chris’ dedication to the highest principles of public service and ethical values. His tireless resolve in ensuring that the public interest and professionalism remain a core focus of Convocation is to be lauded. Chris’ record as a Bencher demonstrates his courage to advocate for policy change that will truly transform the accountability and governance of the Law Society. Moreover, he has a strong and serious commitment to equity, diversity and fairness in his work. I am very pleased to support Chris Bredt’s re-election for Bencher.
— ISFAHAN MERALI (Toronto, Member of the Law Society’s Equity Advisory Group (EAG))